Know Your Influence Score

Do you influence your Facebook & Instagram subscribers or no one is paying attention? Measure your influence.

How MyScore works



Start with the social media: choose which one of your social media accounts do you want to score.

MyScore Algorithm will analyze your social media profile, including activity, post likes, comments, and engagements.



Based on analysis of your profile, MyScore will score your account from 0 to 100. 

We believe in Privacy. Your Data remains Yours.

What's your Score?

0. Unknown Media Object

Hey, dude! Just do something to start making waves.

1-34. Participator

You definitely have the potential! Share your thoughts on social networks more often and connect with followers to increase your score.

35-49. Enthusiast

Do you already know what your next post will be about? Excellent! Continue to develop your social media presence. You're halfway to becoming a thought leader.

50-69. Networker

WOW! You’ve almost hit the target! Publish your thoughts on social media more often for an even bigger influence. And don’t forget to keep your personal voice.

70-89. Thought Leader

You are really a person of influence. People like what you’re posting. Keep going your own way and get paid for your influence.

90-100. Influencer

It is your moment of glory! You have a really huge influence on your audience. Keep blogging this way! Do you make money with brands as a brand ambassador? (If not — start immediately!)