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Why Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is what really works nowadays. It’s not that when a celebrity acts in a commercial. It’s when an opinion leader tells their followers about something they could be really interested in.

In the last 2 years, influencer marketing shows the massive impact that brings growth to businesses.

Creators are writers, producers, and distributors of content to a large and already engaged audience — they are the new generation of celebrities.

Vitalii Malets,

Founder of Publicfast

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Want people to learn about your brand? You’re in the right place.

 Creators are this generation's storytellers, sharing their thoughts with a trusted audience so your brand will be awarded great business results. 

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We make it super easy to work with creators across all social platforms at a budget that is right for you. 

Review proposals, profiles and audience demographics prior to hiring. We provide you the tools you need in order to select the right creators for your brand.

From video product reviews to epic photos to engaging tweets, Publicfast allows you to get the result you need

Branded content should be affordable for all brands, which is why you control your costs by setting your budget. 

What’s more, your money is held securely in escrow throughout the entire campaign, and our small fee is only processed once you approve content for publishing.

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Every proposal includes content examples, audience demographics and geography, ensuring you have the information needed to hire the right creators for your brand.

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We provide clear analytics and track ROI so you really know how this channel performed.


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Why Publicfast


6 years of experience in influencer marketing industry

Self-serve platform

Publicfast's machine learning algorithms connect what we know about the more than 8 million creators on our platform with what you know about brands' most valuable customers to help you drive sales in an efficient and scalable way.

Publicfast allow marketers create campaigns, choose the right influencers, pay and track the results, all in one place.

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Why do our customers love us?

“Publicfast has a lot of good features. I really like this platform. The chance to choose a type of campaign is the best thing for me. I had some doubts at first, but thanks to a trial version, I will never regret using Publicfast.”

“This platform saved my time and money. Thanks to Publicfast we expanded the loyalty to our brand.”

“I'm very pleased with this platform. An interface is very easy, there wasn't any problem with usage. I liked the possibility to choose the type of campaign, depending on my goal”

Ross Knap

CEO at Callpage

Dmitri Nikulin

Chief Content Officer at Allset 

Ruslan Nazarenko

CEO at Quokka

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